Audrey helps people recover from burnout by helping them connect their bodies and minds. Combining over a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness with extensive training and work as a Certified Professional Coach, she teaches her clients how to tap into their natural resilience and agility so they can handle whatever comes their way.

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Fav quotes from this episode:

“People send me pictures of themselves relaxing!”

“The ‘hustle’ culture is so toxic and awful.”

“#Adulting is how one perceives or handles discomfort”

“It’s time to stop competing in Burn out ‘Top Trumps!’”

“I wish there was an operating manual for being human”

“We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“Let’s brag about self care!”

In this episode we talk about:

  • How bodily comfort and discomfort is interpreted by the nervous system.
  • Why so many of us feel the need to criticise team members or colleagues who don’t rock up to work super early, occasionally take a sick day or mental health day and don’t reply to emails when they are on holiday – and why we need to congratulate them!
  • How the aggressive narrative around fear isn’t helpful (the ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’ kind of advice) and what can help instead.
  • How historical toxic working experiences can contribute to patterns of behaviour in our working life, whether you are employed or self employed)

Plus, we talk about why everyone needs to watch the Matrix!