Megan McCann is a business strategy coach, co-founder of the Soul Success Summit. She’s a meditation and mindset teacher and a serial entrepreneur.

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Fav quotes from this episode:

“What do you stand for?”

“We put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve a certain outcome and for things to look a certain way that we forget to have fun.”

“When I put pressure on myself to fit in a certain box – I am so disconnected from who I truly am.”

“How many times can I fail consecutively in order to find out who I really am?”

“I thought that once I became successful I would have all of my problems magically figured out with rainbows and fairies and unicorns everywhere…and fortunately, it doesn’t work that way.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Going from being afraid of what people will think, to just following your own path
  • The difference between a ‘have to’ to and a ‘get to’ life
  • The importance of finding what lights you up and going after it
  • How not everyone will share your worldview, and why that’s ok
  • Why failure is a great thing
  • Why having fun is essential for success

Plus, we talk about laughing so hard that water comes out of your nose!


  • The Soul Success Summit 13th/14th June 2020 Sun Valley Idaho – More info HERE