Episode 60 – The One About More

In this episode of Adulting with Ebonie...

I talk about ‘More’ - having more, being more, doing more.  I’ll be sharing some of my insights into what ‘more’ actually means, and talking a little about my MORE mastermind, which is starting on the 1st February 2019.

Fav quotes from this episode:

“I used to think that more was linked with being greedy and wanting too much”

“This whole juicy new year is laid out in-front of us, and it’s great to start with intentions”

“We are born and created to want and desire more”

“It’s time to give your intentions some attention”

“More me-time and more playing - that’s on the cards for me this year!”

In this episode we talk about:

  • What you can expect from Misfit Enterprise in 2019, and how my offerings are changing and developing this year.
  • The importance of valuing and appreciating what we already have in order for ‘more’ to be a healthy human desire.
  • Why it’s so important to understand that you are already enough.
  • The moment I realised that ‘more’ really was available to me - in a coffee shop in Montana!
  • How you can join the MORE Mastermind if you are looking to harness your strength and achieve the ‘more’ you are looking for this year.

Plus, I share the details of my M2M360 community again, just in case you are looking to up-level your personal and professional life in 2019, and need a challenger and a cheerleader to help you achieve that.


The link to my MORE mastermind is: https://ebonieallard.com/more-mastermind/

The link to M2M360 is: https://ebonieallard.com/m2m360/

And don’t forget our free Facebook group - Misfit to Maven Mastermind: https://www.facebook.com/groups/misfitmastermind

About the author, Ebonie

Ebonie is the go-to Coach for Misfits and Mavens. She’s the positively disruptive creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system and author of ‘Misfit to Maven: From ARGH to AHHH.’

She dedicates her days to inspiring and enabling people who have forgotten who they really are to feel less ARGH!! and more AHHH!!!

It is her mission to help you live a fully rounded, three-dimensional, successful and self-governed life where you can thrive.

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