The One About Making Your Life Your Masterpiece

Meet Leah Guzman...

Leah is a professional artist and Board Certified Art Therapist. Her mission for creating art is for it to embody high energy, evoke peace and harmony into spaces. In her online services, I support creatives to heal, construct and manifest their dream life. She believes that life is your masterpiece.

You can find out more about Leah and see some of her beautiful works of art over at

Fav quotes from this episode:

“You’ve got to show up. You’ve got to put on your big girl pants and follow through!”

“Let’s train to be ninjas so that no matter what obstacles show up in your life, you’re ready and resilient.”

“This knowledge has been around for thousands of years! It’s just about being able to tap into it and put it into your everyday life.”

“If you answer the call [from your soul] then you’re gonna be going on this journey, this wild ride!”

“I don’t have to run on this path, I can really take it slow and smell the roses and enjoy the process.”

“Every little aspect of your life is a piece of art.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Using the chakra system as a holistic framework to manifest your dreams
  • Why this is the perfect structure for creative people (who don’t like structure!)
  • How the chakra system can reveal areas where we are blocking or limiting ourselves
  • Having fun with healing and self-development
  • Seeing everything in life (creative projects, relationships, etc.) as an opportunity to be an artist

Plus, we talk about learning to recognise your signs from the universe.


About the author, Ebonie

Ebonie is the go-to Coach for Misfits and Mavens. She’s the positively disruptive creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system and author of ‘Misfit to Maven: From ARGH to AHHH.’

She dedicates her days to inspiring and enabling people who have forgotten who they really are to feel less ARGH!! and more AHHH!!!

It is her mission to help you live a fully rounded, three-dimensional, successful and self-governed life where you can thrive.

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  1. Rachel Brown on 06/20/2019 at 3:50 PM

    I did Leah’s Art of Manifestation program and with her help and holding my hand I have been able to completely change my life and how I show up for things. I was in a pretty dark place when she found me and now a year later I am able to recognize and change the things that have been holding me back. I love you Leah!!

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