Episode 13 – The One About Juicy Sexy Money

Meet Lara Rose Duong

Lara-Rose Duong is a divinely guided woman who mentors activated, sacred women to define prosperity and luxury on their own terms. Working in corporate land in a traditional financial advising setting, she found that there was a big piece missing from the conversation. Now, she gets to engage in a full spectrum conversation around money & prosperity in all areas of our lives.

You can find out more about her here:


IG/FB: @lararoseduong

Rich Witch Circle on FB: bit.ly/richwitchcircle


Fav quotes from this episode:

‘Adulting means we get to dream big like kids, but we have the responsibility to carry out that dream’

‘Whatever you see doesn’t define you’

‘Power is the ability to affect change’

‘You are nourishing the world at a high level right now’

‘I am an adult but I don’t retain wealth well...and I sometimes overspend a lot’

‘I am an adult but I still call my dad whenever anything is broken in my house, and call my mum to make big decisions’.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Enabling fun and creativity in everyday life
  • Becoming more open talking life and wealth less seriously
  • The emotion of money and having the support and confidence to address that energy
  • Having a healthy and fun relationship with money
  • Holding energy with an open palm, and how that can create a feeling of infinity instead of scarcity
  • Working with your power in a beautiful way that does not have to be scary or vicious

Plus, listen to us chat about our ‘Money Honey Story’, the power of becoming your own hero and how our relationship with sex can be compared with money stories and money relationships.

About the author, Ebonie

Ebonie is the go-to Coach for Misfits and Mavens. She’s the positively disruptive creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system and author of ‘Misfit to Maven: From ARGH to AHHH.’

She dedicates her days to inspiring and enabling people who have forgotten who they really are to feel less ARGH!! and more AHHH!!!

It is her mission to help you live a fully rounded, three-dimensional, successful and self-governed life where you can thrive.

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