Episode 51 – The One About Empowered Sex

Meet Joyce Oladipo

Joyce is an international sex, love and relationship coach for ambitious women who desire to reignite deep satisfying love in their relationship, experience sexual bliss and awaken deep orgasmic pleasure in their body.

She loves LOVES anything sexuality and is honoured to be serving and guiding ambitious women from all over the world through her products, programs, and coaching services rekindling sexual fire, creating strong relationships and a deeply satisfying life.

You can find out more about her over on her website http://www.enchantlife.com

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Sex affects our brain, it affects our health, it affects our wellbeing.”

“There are a lot of entrepreneurs who can’t keep their sex life together.”

“So many women think sex is bad, or they’re not getting their needs met.”

“It is part of the hierarchy of needs to have pleasure in our life.”

“We are talking about the exchange of energy.”

“You don’t get to opt out of this one by saying I’m single”

“The more we devote time to explore this side of ourselves, the more we know how nurturing it is to our soul”

“You can claim your pleasure today”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Reigniting satisfying love and strong relationships
  • The shame and shadows that surround the topic of sex and sexuality for many people
  • Reclaiming your sexual self for the sake of your overall health, happiness and wellbeing
  • How it all starts with YOU (not your partner)
  • How to flex your pleasure muscles
  • How to approach the topic of empowered sex with your partner (present or future)

Plus, ….We talk about recognising and embracing the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves for greater pleasure and understanding


Joyce mentions a free gift over on her website to help you have mindblowing sex. Find it here http://www.enchantlife.com/

Joyce mentions Layla Martin's work in the podcast. You can find out more about Layla here: https://www.layla-martin.com/laylahome/



About the author, Ebonie

Ebonie is the go-to Coach for Misfits and Mavens. She’s the positively disruptive creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system and author of ‘Misfit to Maven: From ARGH to AHHH.’

She dedicates her days to inspiring and enabling people who have forgotten who they really are to feel less ARGH!! and more AHHH!!!

It is her mission to help you live a fully rounded, three-dimensional, successful and self-governed life where you can thrive.

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