Lucy is the world’s first and only Comparison Coach. Recognised as one of the UK’s most successful coaches by the Times, she is on a mission to cure comparison! 

Find out more about Lucy here: or on Instagram via her handle @lucysheridan.

Fav quotes from this episode:

“The people I respect and admire the most let other people be themselves”

“#Adulting means having shit loads of compassion!”

“I have an underlying, unpredictable, very competitive streak.

“I’m sick of one-sided relationships and actively seeking genuine relationships”

“I’ll take a hangover over 5AM bike rides any day of the week!”

“If something is important to you, make a temple in your heart and guard it”

In this episode we talk about:

  • How comparison is nothing new, and compassion can be a cure!
  • The importance of not feeling the need to trust everyone, and only sharing your thoughts, hopes and dreams with people who you trust and respect to preserve your energy.
  • How when Lucy stopped fighting [comparison], she was able to understand more of what it was trying to show her.
  • The importance of recognising the symptoms of comparison and changing your perspective in order to adjust the response.

Plus, we talk about why a 5AM morning routine doesn’t work for everyone!