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Episode 201

The one about choosing yourself

 This week Ebonie shares some journaling prompts...

Are you going through life being more than a little co-dependent? Being a people pleaser? A martyr? Always putting others first?

Join the club. I’ve spent most of my life making those same choices.

Sometimes these choices come from need. Sometimes they’re incredibly useful and resourceful strategies, at moments when your safety depends on them. But that doesn’t mean you need to stick with those same self-limiting decisions forever.

As I’ve matured and my circumstances have changed – as I’ve built a life and a business that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside – I have really focused on my values. Value filtered living is where it’s at!

In this week’s episode, I’m looking at why choosing yourself is the key to becoming a truly kickass and kind human.

Additional goodies:

Journaling Prompts:

What does choosing yourself mean? 

What is the vision of choosing yourself? 

If you were to create a life where you chose yourself first, where you put yourself first, what would that look like? 

What would your day-to-day look like? What would you see? What would you hear? 

What would your social media look like? What would your calendar look like? What would your food look like? What would your exercise look like? What would your relationships look like if you were choosing you first, if you were choosing yourself?

And then just for a moment, go into the darkness. 

Go into the shadows of that and pull out what stopping you. What are all the reasons why that can't happen? What are all the reasons that you cannot choose yourself? What are all the reasons that you cannot put yourself first? List them out. Say them out loud. Hear them.

Then if choosing yourself was natural to you and that just the way that you operated...

What are some of the beliefs that you would have about who you are? What are some of the beliefs that you would be carrying around in your head? About what? What would you believe when you looked at other people? What would you believe that other people saw when they saw, when they looked at you? 

What would you believe was possible for you? What would you believe about what you could learn or give away? What would you believe if choosing yourself were easy and natural for you? 

And then if you're someone who chooses yourself, just you know, regularly, if you were someone who chose yourself and was able to put yourself first with compassion and courage, who would you be?

I choose myself and I am......

I choose myself because.....

I choose to choose myself because...

Choosing to put myself first is great for everyone because...

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