Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel – a photographer, self-discovery facilitator and fairy dust sprinkler. Just don’t call her Marie; it makes her want to harm innocent children and puppies. She gets to help people embrace their awesomeness for a living and is having lots of fun in the process. Know Yourself. Be Yourself. And f*%@ing own it!

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Fav quotes from this episode:

“A misfit is too innovative, too creative and too full of heart to just clock in and clock out of life.”

“I swear and talk about mental health in a relaxed fashion that isn’t too airy-fairy.”

“A professional rebel is about…rebelling against what you’re told to do and finding yourself at the core.”

“It’s a massively rebellious thing to love yourself.” 

 “If you don’t start with self-awareness, you can’t go further in any direction.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Two different definitions of rebellion (and what they mean for our personal behaviour)

  • Having the courage to own your uniqueness and choose a life less conventional

  • Why people shouldn’t be afraid to do the inner work and find out who they really are

  • The importance of staying connected to the inner child

  • Seeking out diversity and rebelling against what is being shown to you – choosing to be the curator of your feed, your life, everything.

Plus, we talk about quarter-life crises!