Episode 30 – The One About Navigating Transition

In This Episode of 'Adulting with Ebonie'...


After shaving my head and re-evaluating and reconfiguring the Misfit to Maven aspect of my business, I find myself navigating a period of great transition in both my personal and professional life.  Join me in this solo episode of ‘Adulting With Ebonie’ to find out what has prompted these changes, and why I am embracing them in a very public way as I prepare for the excitement and challenges that are coming...


Fav quotes from this episode:

“Trust in your gut on every aspect of your life”

“When your intuition strikes or your heart speaks - take action!”

“Don’t ever doubt yourself. If it’s what you love, you can do it!”


In this episode I talk about:

  • The contributing factors that led me to shave my head.
  • Why it’s important for me to ‘walk my talk’ and actively engage with things like intuition, action and embracing your mistakes - all ideas that I promote heavily in my coaching.
  • How transition isn’t always a comfortable process, and why that shouldn’t put you off embracing change.
  • The changes taking place within my business, and what is on the horizon for my Misfit to Maven programmes.
  • Top tips when it comes to dealing with transition.
  • The importance of connecting with yourself, and how this can be achieved through empty presence meditation.


Plus, I talk about the questions you need to ask yourself if your business isn’t in the ‘right place’ or delivering the ‘right offerings’ anymore in order to prompt your own business transition.

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About the author, Ebonie

Ebonie is the go-to Coach for Misfits and Mavens. She’s the positively disruptive creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system and author of ‘Misfit to Maven: From ARGH to AHHH.’

She dedicates her days to inspiring and enabling people who have forgotten who they really are to feel less ARGH!! and more AHHH!!!

It is her mission to help you live a fully rounded, three-dimensional, successful and self-governed life where you can thrive.

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