Meet Kathleen Hanagan

Kathleen Hanagan is spiritual teacher, modern mystic, psychotherapist, and author, whose work integrates the essential wisdom of the great spiritual traditions with scientific knowledge, 30 years working intimately with individuals, couples, and groups, and her own quest for liberation.

Kathleen’s gift is her ability to translate esoteric knowledge into practical tools that help us navigate the stormy waters of the human journey. 

You can find out more about her over on her website:

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Part of being an adult is realising when you’re in an emotional blind spot.”

“I help people connect to the child inside so that they can grow that child up and become an adult.”

“As adults, we need to teach those kids inside to ask for what they want…but it doesn’t always mean we are going to get it.”

“You can’t really blame someone else for how you feel.”

“Showing up is big work but it’s worth it.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why “unbridled self-expression” isn’t always a good thing
  • How our present-day relationships can be deeply affected by unresolved childhood hurts
  • What causes adults to ‘act out’ with destructive behavioural patterns
  • Why we need to learn to witness and identify our emotions (and take responsibility for them)
  • The importance of integrating and accepting all aspects of the inner child in order to find harmony and wholeness in your life

Plus, we talk about how to communicate productively with your partner or the people close to you.

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