Meet Stacey Herrera

Stacey Herrera is the creator of The Sensuality Project, a lifestyle movement for women. Through her sensuality focused work she helps women to explore their sexuality, enhance intimacy, and create deliciously fulfilling relationships.

You can find out more about her over on her website or on Instagram @staceynherrera or Facebook 

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Freedom is my favourite feeling and I don’t like to do ANYTHING that doesn’t make me feel free.”

“No is important. And no is not inherently negative”

“You do not get to argue with what’s pleasurable for me.”

“Self-consciousness is an assassin to intimacy”

“The fact that we have spent so much time covering our bodies is what has created this idea that nudity is innately sexual. It is not.”

“There is no life without this body”

“Touch is the only sense that you cannot live without.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • The politics of the word “no” and how to get more comfortable using it.
  • The importance of teaching kids about agency and consent.
  • The biggest roadblock to sensuality and intimacy.
  • The power of vulnerability.
  • Reclaiming Nudity and listening to the wisdom of the body.
  • The importance of dialogue in regards to intimacy with others.


Plus we talk about how really giving yourself to the present moment is an extremely powerful way to connect with others.

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