Meet Dyana Valentine

In this episode, Ebonie talks to Dyana Valentine about ‘Responsibility and Not Abdicating’, and the format of the show is shifted as Dyana asks Ebonie about the physical, mental and spiritual transformation she experienced when she recently shaved her head.

Dyana is an Oracle – you ask her a question, and then she goes to sleep and tells you all about what she dreams.  Dyana uses the dream language and symbols to address questions in a collaboration she calls the ‘Woke Up Knowing Experience or WUKE.

For more information about Dyana and the work she does, please visit:

Fav quotes from this episode:

“It’s interesting to me that ‘adulting’ has become so mainstream and valued”

“We are estranged from ourselves and each other”

“This shit is happening in real-time in your life!”

“We’d be really surprised at how many people would love us whatever shape we are in”

In this episode we talk about:

  • The current importance of ‘membership’ in our society, and how it drives us to take certain prescribed actions
  • Whether Ebonie cutting her hair was a result of ‘being’ or doing’, and how it has influenced her sense of belonging
  • How anyone can make a choice and take an action when their life isn’t in immediate danger, and that it doesn’t necessarily set them apart as ‘courageous’ or ‘brave’ in their own eyes.


Plus, we talk about how a real connection – regardless of whether it’s good, or comfortable or ‘fits in’ with the norm – is knowing what you need and being able to articulate it.

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