Meet Ty Johnson Anderson

Ty Johnson-Anderson is the master manifestor and psychic medium behind Rebel Goddess Society and Manifesting Everyday Miracles. She helps you grab life by the ovaries and make shi(f)t happen. All without hours of visualization and gallons of green juice. 

You can find out more about here here: 

Fav quotes from this episode:

‘Adversity brings mastery’

‘Maintain your personal power at all times’

‘You literally have to find something to hold onto’

‘I’m an adult but … I haven’t really used my kitchen to cook in almost 2 years!’

In this episode we talk about:

  • Owning your ‘you-ness’
  • Resilience and how that translates to showing up in your best life, even if its hard
  • That life doesn’t stop if you try and ignore your circumstances
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for our situations
  • How change can trigger a flight or fight response
  • Changing the ‘this is happening to me’ rhetoric


Plus, join us to talk about getting through the really hard times and why support is really important.

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