Meet Ruth Ridgeway

Ruth Ridgeway is the creator of The Lifestyle Designers Club and an understander of what happens when your life gets turned upside down and inside out in an instant.

She’s the proud girlfriend to her guy who was involved in an accident that left him paralysed in 2014. She shares their stories of life, love, hope and strength and what it’s like to create a (different, but equally beautiful) ‘Plan B’ life on her blog.

Through her work, stories and online club she’s helped hundreds of women to design businesses they love that allow them the freedom, security, and flexibility to do what they want, when they want, and from anywhere in the world they want through creating their own online courses, products and memberships.

Find out more about Ruth on her website:

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Adulting means getting to choose what the heck you want!”

“It’s our job as adults to take care of our mindset and happiness even in the face of shitty circumstances.”

“Life is real and shit happens.”

“You will laugh again, you will have a better day again.”

“‘This too shall pass’ is my mantra.”

In this episode we talk about:

How quickly life plans can change, and what circumstances changed Ruth and her partner’s lives in 2014.

How important it is to be present for the good things that happen in your life

That Plan B isn’t necessarily ‘second best’ – it’s a different type of beautiful.  

How it’s easy to stop looking at what is fun, and start looking at what is easy or useful, but that isn’t necessarily what you should do. 

Plus, we discuss why it’s a good idea to train to be a ninja!

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