Meet Chrissy Kapartis

Chrissy is an actress-in-training and full-time self-love warrior!

You can find out more about her over on her Instagram page @chrissy_shroomie

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Oh my god what? I can love myself instead of hating myself? That’s a thing!?”

“Of course no-one deserves to suffer, but the strength you gain from healing does transform it into a gift.”

“It’s really important for us to share our stories because so much of eating disorders are secret and hidden.” – EA

“Not only do I deserve a great life – but I CAN have that.”

“No one is in control of me, no-one has my power.”

“You deserve so much better than what an illness can give you. You deserve actual happiness and actual safety not the weak substitute that an illness tells you you can have.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Learning to be your own parent and own best friend
  • Chrissy’s personal journey through trauma, illness and, finally, recovery
  • How eating disorders can promote a false sense of happiness and belonging (that doesn’t last)
  • Why learning the art of self-love is paramount to the healing process
  • Adversity, strength and healing. How often those who have suffered develop an incredible inner strength
  • How trauma isn’t always obvious or dramatic


Plus, we talk about how the healing process is never ‘done’. There are always more layers!


  • The Recover Clinic – Where Chrissy received treatment
  • Chrissy’s Spoken Word Poem – Listen HERE

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