Meet Betsy B. Murphy

Betsy Murphy is the author of the popular book Autobiography of an Orgasm. The UK Sunday Times calls the book “Part erotica, part refreshingly sincere for the orgasmically challenged….sort-of an anti-Fifty Shades of Grey.” Betsy’s book has evolved into a solo show called “The O Diary” where she takes the audience on a rollercoaster of discovery. She’s telling her story but along the way, we realise it’s a part of all of our stories. The show is getting rave reviews as gutsy and life-changing storytelling.

You can find out more about Betsy over on her website, on Instagram @betsyblankenbakermurphy, or on Facebook

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Telling the truth is the only way to show love.”

“I don’t want to be orgasmically challenged!”

“My mum and I have never had the sex talk but we’re going to have it tonight!”

“I’m just discovering my orgasm in my late 40’s.”

“Not only have women been silenced, but so have men”

“Something alchemises as we speak the words out loud.”

“Source the power of the pelvic area when you speak.”

“Just reading other peoples stories can often start that healing journey for ourselves.”

“My voice matters, my life matters, and I’m going to tell the truth about my life.”

In this episode we talk about:

Breaking the culture of silence around sexuality; including both sexual pleasure and sexual trauma.

The importance of being heard.

How sharing your own story helps others to heal.

Discovering your orgasm!

Becoming the hero, not the victim of your own story.

Where to start on the path of healing your own story around sex.

The importance of trusting yourself, your body, and the process.

Plus, we talk about the profound medicine that Betsy has witnessed many women benefit from in the form of writing.


Autobiography of an Orgasm – Betsy’s Book. Get it on Amazon HERE

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