Meet Bryony Loveday

Bryony is a health and fitness trainer who helps people make peace with food, exercise & their bodies. Building their true Inner Strength to become a bolder, brighter and a better version of themselves.

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Fav quotes from this episode:

“Being an adult is about being able to make decisions in alignment with what you want, whilst listening to what your mind, your heart and your soul desires.”

“I always look to enjoyment first. Because when you enjoy it – you’re consistent. When you’re consistent – you will get results.”

“Oh my goodness! It DOES get to be easy.”

“My body’s not just a vehicle, this is a relationship that you cultivate over years, and it’s allowed to change.”

“Training is a gateway, it’s not an end game.”

“I want to use training and exercise for so much more than weight loss.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Debunking the myth that training has to be punishing to be effective
  • The important roles that humour and pleasure have in getting you the results you want
  • The fact that physical training is about so much more than the body – it will change your outlook on life, your mental health and so much more
  • Keeping your approach to training (and everything else) fresh and open to change
  •  Empowering yourself through the training journey


Plus, we talk about…how to create your own smorgasbord of wellbeing activities!

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