Meet Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor is a leading creativity and empowerment coach, Master NLP practitioner & clinical hypnotherapist and Qoya teacher enabling women to seek out their ‘why’ so they can live a life on their own terms. She’s on a a one-woman-mission to help others live life full of creative expression in order to live well, work well, and feel good.

She created the Practical Magic Activation Deck as a tool to help people activate their inner wisdom and become their own life coach. Practical Magic is Kate’s blended melting pot of goodness to empower people to come back into their own truth to live creatively and beyond.

Whether getting started with a creative business idea, or simply living a life less ordinary, Kate brings creative spark, magic, and a bit of rock n’ roll colour to her clients lives. You can find out more about her over on Instagram @katetaylorcreativeliving

Fav quotes from this episode:

“We’re all like walking disco balls, reflecting back off each other”

“What feels playful? What feels fun? What feels creative?”

 Everything works in rhythms and cycles”

“Head and body. Light and Shade. Masculine and Feminine its all part of being whole.”

“We are all as unique as our own fingerprint”

“Resilience is about learning new dance moves”

“I’m in search of the richness of life”

“No emotion is bad emotion, it’s just emotion”

In this episode we talk about:

  • How life only truly begins when give yourself permission to be fully yourself
  • The journey to reaching that place of acceptance
  • The movement practice that changed everything (Qoya)
  • Learning to be guided by, and adapt to, our own personal cycles
  • Embracing the full spectrum of experience in order to live a life of “wholeness”
  • How avoiding or repressing the uncomfortable will only exacerbate the problem
  • Resilience. What it is and how to cultivate it

Plus, we talk about how structure can be useful when it facilitates creativity and freedom


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