Meet Alixandra Wilde

Alixandra founded Wylde in early 2018 to help creative folk with BIG visions reconnect with themselves and reignite their magic; marrying the physical with the woo woo for maximum impact! She knows what it feels like to work a soul sucking beige 9-5 life whilst knowing you have so much more to offer the world! And she’s on a mission to liberate all creative Wylde souls!

Find out more about her over on her website, over on Instagram @wyldewithin, or on Facebook

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Life is not a fucking Ikea manual!”

“Life is about being aligned to your core and acting on that.”

“We are multidimensional beings – living multidimensional experiences.”

“It’s about loving every fucking being on this planet.”

“Boundaries are just energy.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • How setting boundaries might be painful, but is actually an act of love
  • Family – and how sometimes we have to step away from those that we love. 
  • How struggle and difficulty will enhance your perspective on life, BUT…
  • …How it’s not necessary to be in pain to create
  •  The creativity cycle and how to roll with it

Plus, we talk about how wonderful connections can be made online when you find the right community!

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