Meet Bernard Charles

Bernard Charles is the author of The Rainbow Revolution. He is also known as Colour Maje and you might have seen his stuff on Buzzfeed, Thrive Global and Soul and Spirit Magazine. 

You can find out more about him over on his website or on his facebook page 

Fav quotes from this episode:

 “I’ve always been aware that colour is magical.”

 “It’s my intention to make the United States more colourful!”

“It would be so cool for us to exist in a place where every body, size and shape and colour and spectrum of expression was represented so that we all knew that we belong.”

 “To be an adult just means you love one another – it doesn’t have to feel like a grinding arduous experience.”

“We are all beautifully different”

“The difference between a misfit and a maven is taking ownership”

In this episode we talk about:

  • The metaphysics of colour.
  • How colour affects our mood, hormones, and wellbeing and creativity.
  • The deeply personal associations we hold about colour.
  • How to start with experimenting with colour (even if you think you just love black!)
  • The role that colour plays in identity politics and the need for less stereotyping and more diversity


Plus, we talk about the grass always being greener, and wanting to reconnect with our inner children, despite having wished away our time at the “kids table”!


Rainbow Revolution, Bernard’s book (

Misfit to Maven, Ebonie’s book (

Bernard’s Colour Deck (

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