Meet Alexander Roxo

Alexandra Roxo is a Transformational Coach and Women’s Empowerment Leader. Her writing on women’s empowerment, astrology, moon ritual, and spirituality can be read on Girl, Teen Vogue, Mind Body Green, and more. She has been featured in the New York Times as a coach and healer, on Viceland TV, in the Guardian, Nylon Magazine and more.  

She has been named a modern spiritual leader by Well + Good. Her online community MOON CLUB, consists of hundreds of women worldwide who attend her monthly online rituals. She has a growing social media following online where she recommends moon rituals and writes empowering messages daily and you can find out more about her over on her Instagram @alexandraroxo

Fav quotes from this episode:

“We won’t ever feel whole or happy if we don’t accept our sexuality”

“We have to get to know our own demons…in order to show up”

“When we come to this magical earth school, it is to learn this relational way of exploring who we are”

“Dripping things out of your pussy is awesome”

“Why would we have been born into this delicious vehicle and been asked to ignore one of its parts and to shut it down”

In this episode we talk about:

How we as human beings are messy and amazing

How our relationship with our bodies and our relationship with the earth are intertwined

How to be an introspective spiritual being AND a relational being who is awake and alive in the world

The fact that sex is a fundamental part of who we are, and 

The intersection of modern spirituality and sexuality

The power of vulnerability and presence and their role in transforming our lives

Plus, ….We talk about how we act as mirrors for each other, and the value of being able to stay the course in the face of difficulty or challenge and TRULY relate to each other.

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